What affects the price?

The primary factors that affect the price of your project are the estimated total number of visitors, estimated number of peak-time concurrent visitors, server type to stream the game, and the number of maximum concurrent visitors per server (CCU). 

Total minutes are divided into reserved minutes and variable minutes. When we reserve capacity, a fixed number of cloud instances are dedicated to your Game Project, and count towards your total minutes. Reservations are made to ensure all your users get the best experience possible and do not have to wait for capacity. Variable minutes represent the remaining minutes and use auto-scaling to provide sessions to users. Auto-scaling is a gradual process in which more capacity is turned on as more users try to access the game. It works best for gradual ups and downs in server sessions and does not work well with big spikes, which should be handled by reserved capacity. To learn more about auto-scaling, check out this article

Server type and CCU are related to game quality and the size of your game. More complex games may result in a less optimized version to accommodate only 1CCU or a larger server instance type. This will increase the price of your project. 

If any of these parameters change after we receive your game file, this will change the price of your project. In this case, we will provide you with a revised quote.