Troubleshooting video card issues using Configure.rb script

How to troubleshoot video card issues using the Configure.rb script

If you installed a new video card or you are doing additional troubleshooting, it may be necessary to execute the Configure.rb script.

To execute the Configure.rb script:

  1. SSH to the server with a user that has root permission.

  2. Stop the pureweb service: service pureweb stop.

  3. Navigate to the tools directory: cd /opt/CSI/PureWeb/Server/tools.

  4. Execute the configuration script: ruby Configure.rb.

  5. If an error message displays, use the message information to troubleshoot further.

  6. If no error message displays, restart the pureweb by executing service service pureweb start), and load a study.


Review the xorg.conf file and ensure there are no video card conflicts. For example, onboard video card versus the nVidia card.

Check the appropriate gpu driver and Xorg version of the video card relative to the kernel version of the operating system.