How to send/upload DICOM datasets and logs

This describes how to send/upload DICOM datasets and logs to support that may not be anonymized.

Please note that in order to protect patient data and privacy, we have defined a process to allow for the collection of personal data, DICOM or otherwise, in a fashion that prevents unauthorized viewing.
If you need to send this type of data, or it was asked for, please follow the process below.
  1. If you haven't already done so, submit a ticket to our Support team with regard to the request.  Note the ticket number once submitted.
  2. Export the sample dataset/logs in question (anonymized if possible) as a zip file
  3. Name the zip file with the ticket number from step 1 above.  For example, a ticket with the ID of PW-12345 would result in a zip file with the name of This allows our team to reference the associated case number to the provided data
  4. Upload this file to the Calgary Scientific DICOM team at the following link:

The DICOM team is trained to handle and store partner (customer) DICOM data, non-DICOM data, and other health information material and to protect confidential health information as required by USA HIPAA and Canada PIPEDA regulations. This applies to all material that could contain protected health information which we receive from customers, partners, or hospital sites.