How to convert or decompress a compressed OVA Package

Users will typically get this error "OVF Package with compressed disks is currently not supported for OVF import"

When you deploy an OVF template containing compressed file references (typically compressed using gzip), the operation fails. This usually happens if it is being deployed in the non-enterprise version of ESXi.
 Impact / Risks
Not able to import OVF packages.
This should be deployed in the EsXi enterprise version or it needs to be decompressed using an ovf tool.
Steps to decompressed an ova package.

1. Download the ovf tool from vmware
2. Convert the ova package by running the following command on windows.
path-to-ovf-tool\ovftool.exe resmd-gpu-render-rhel69-641-700-27.ova resmd-gpu-render-rhel69-641-700-27-decompress.ova

 3. Test to import the decompressed ova into ESXi.