How to change the login delay value

This a brief instruction on how to change the login delay value

You could change the Login Delay value by doing the following steps:
1.) Go to /opt/CSI/PureWeb/Server/webapp/WEB-INF
2.) Edit pureweb-context.xml file
3.) Change the value in the 'authenticationFailureDelay' like in the below example:
<bean id="authenticationFailureHandler" class="pureweb.servlet.DelayedAuthenticationFailureHandler">

<property name="defaultFailureUrl" value="/pureweb/server/login.jsp?error=true"/>

<property name="authenticationFailureDelay" value="2"/>

Note: The default value is "2" for <property name="authenticationFailureDelay" which is equivalent to 2000ms. And so, if you want to increase this to 5000ms for example, you have to change the value to "5".
4.) Restart the pureweb service ( Please be aware that this would disconnect any active users).
To check the changes made, open the error.log and take note of the login delay time after authentication
2020-02-04 14:51:20,794 http-bio- WARN        DelayedAuthenticationFailureHandler Bad credentials for user '1234' from; delaying for 5000ms after authentication failure